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November 15, 2016

World firs 3D GPS sleeper laying machine

In collaboration with Laing O’Rourke, 3DX developed an automated systems to replace old wooden sleepers with new concrete sleepers.

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November 15, 2016

Worlds first 3D TPS Guided Tunnelling Excavator

This was an incredibly undertaking by 3DX. It was very exciting for us to be given the privilege to investigate…

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November 15, 2016


3DX approached the M7 ring road project on of the largest road projects ever undertaken within the NSW infrastructure projects….

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September 2, 2016

Partnership with Redpoint Positioning

Redpoint’s Indoor GPS is a leading edge Internet of Things (IoT) solution for the construction market.

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3DX was one of the early pioneers in 3D-GPS controlled Machines. We have been supplying 3DGPS custom machine control systems to Tier 1 & medium to small Contractors for 15 years.

In 2008, 3DX was acquired by Hexagon AB, the parent company of Leica Geosystems, although we were able to retain the company name 3DX. This allowed us to explore new opportunities in pioneering innovative products in the fields of mobile reality capture, vehicle roll-over and collision prevention devices, and the Terrain Trakka, which was designed in-house.

Recently, we have added the EGOPro (PDS) Machine & Pedestrian Separation Systems and the Red Point (RTLS), indoors GPS for tracking and location of wearable tags for safety and productivity, systems to our capabilities. We specialise in construction, mining, warehouse and manufacturing industries.

Our latest unique offering is the reality capture mobile mapping suite from Kaarta which allow infrastructure free navigation and survey mapping. 3DX is a growing company as the uptake in IoT and similar products gain momentum. Our development team is second to none and have a wide skill set in many different verticals.

Our expertise are specialised in the fields of mechatronics, geospatial information consulting, drone development and telemetry systems. We are also undertaking further development in GPS-redundant vehicle control paired with multi-sensor data fusion techniques. Our aim in the future is to leverage robotics to implement fully-autonomous control systems including hardware platform design & development.

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