3DX approached the M7 ring road project on of the largest road projects ever undertaken within the NSW infrastructure projects. This Project was a J/V between Abigroup and Leighton contractors. The project consisted of 44 KM of dual carriage ways.

This was an incredibly undertaking by 3DX. It was very exciting for us to be given the privilege to investigate a better way to increase productivity. We approached the contractor John Holland & Thiess J/V for the east link project tunnel section in Melbourne Australia with a better solution for trimming the walls of the tunnel.  They were very reluctant to proceedwith trying to accurately trim the walls of the tunnel to a higher accuracy post road header excavation.

This was another productive relationship with Laing O’Rourke where the project was to replace old wooden sleepers with new concrete sleepers. 3DX introduced and fully automated solution using GPS (GNSS) to control the sleeper placement in the correct horizontal position to within 10 mm.

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