Partnership with Redpoint

RedPoint positioning systems is the only manufacture that has developed this technology with a dedicated module for the Construction Industry. 3Dx can also integrate this system to your enterprises own systems and develop custom solutions whilst connecting to 3rd party devicesĀ  We proudly boast many Worlds First Inventions solving difficult application solutions for our customers.

The EGOpro Proximity detection Device or Machine and Pedestrian separation system, is without doubt the most comprehensive of its kind. It is the only system that is modular in the sense that it can be fitted to any type of machine and size. With its 2 Dimensional functionality the operator know not only if he detects a breach event but where in relation to the machine position the breached tag is located.

A.M.E. is a Florentine company that was founded in 1999, with high systems skills, and proven know-how in high-frequency electronic technologies, and microwave sensors. They have developed its own technology, has filed several patents and offers professional and flexible solutions in the areas of automatic identification (active RFID), wireless technologies and sensors for industrial applications.

A.M.E. designs, develops and manufactures integrated solutions in Security & Safety, logistics, and process control in the industry

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