Redpoint RTLS

Next-gen indoor Real-Time Location System for all environments




The next generation of indoor Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) has arrived, driven by Redpoint’s unique, patent-pending solution that shatters the ultra-wideband (UWB) performance/cost paradigms of yesterday. Redpoint’s high-precision RTLS solution includes all of the key components — from wireless infrastructure hardware to advanced localization engines, system management tools, and application software — to enable a variety of RTLS applications across enterprises.



Redpoint’s RTLS platform features a highly scalable infrastructure that can support up to 65,000 anchors and provides coverage across tens-of-miles. It simultaneously supports tracking and navigation with sub-meter accuracy and two-way data communication. The platform is designed to support a broad range of use cases, including asset tracking and management, indoor navigation, staff and visitor tracking, and location-enabled sensor data.



With several patents pending, Redpoint Positioning continues to innovate to drive greater value from RTLS technology solutions including:

Patents Filed:

  • Location algorithms
  • Simultaneous tracking and navigation protocol
  • Multi-tiered location system and algorithms
  • UWB + BLE hybrid positioning method for locating RTLS tags and enabling mobile iBeacon™ use