Services Offered

3DX offers a number of services for across a wide range of industries specialising in:-

  • Reality Capture

  • Autonomous Control Systems

  • Site Safety

Reality Capture

The ability to digitise our world accurately and in real-time, will have a profound impact on the way we do business. 3DX is helping business’ to implement the capability of reality capture to streamline their operations. Working with our customers, we customise workflows with our customer in order to provide a seamless solution from data capture, through to geospatial processing. 3DX has experience with a number of geospatial packages and can consult to automate post-process workflows so that turn-key actions can be formed from acquisition to reality.

Autonomous Control Systems

Drawing from our roots pioneering GPS guidance systems for explicit use in the construction industry, 3DX is back at it again. Working closely with our industry partners, we are using the new wave of autonomous control technology to automate key processes in field robotics.

Site Safety

With technology exclusively developed by Advanced Microwave Technology, 3DX is improving site safety between workers and machines. By employing the latest in microwave technology we enhance the safety performance of oem machines. Through the implementation of the EgoPRO we can alert the driver in real time, with sound and visual alarms, about the presence and position of workers, which are equipped with an active PPE, when entering the hazardous area around vehicles.

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